Tour Bodega Logroño
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Monday to Saturday
Franco-Española Winery Entry
4,9 / 5
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Free Tour Logroño  – Old City

What you will Discover

Discover with our Wine Tour Logroño the secrets of La Rioja’s jewell: Wine!
Step into the most famous cellar of the city: Franco-Spanish cellar and tour around more than 100 years of history while tasting its 2 most famous wines.
Discover the secrets of La Rioja wine by visiting a centenary winery that has evolved and grown at the same rate as the City did. More than 100 years have gone through the walls and barrels of this winery that still runs just a few meters far from the Historical Center of Logroño.
In this Tour we will delve into the centenary spaces that have witnessed the evolution of the capital of La Rioja, such as: The Tinos Room, the Barrel Room or the Old Rack. During it you will discover some of the most important secrets of the La Rioja wine and you’ll do the most important thing: taste it!
A Wine Tour Logroño that you can’t miss if you want to discover the secrets of this wonderful region of Spain. Don’t hesitate anymore and book your guided Wine Tour Logroño!

Don’t doubt it anymore and book your Free Tour Logroño of the Bourbons.



History of the Franco-Española Cellar
Philoxera Plague
Tinos Room
Barrel Room
Old Rack
BORDON BRAND (Traditional) OR DIAMANTE BRAND(Semi sweet) to choose one
Unstable XX Century
And many more surprises!


Free Tour Logroño punto de encuentro
Monday to Saturday  
Sol. Puerta del Sol, Carlos III Horse Statue.
LIGHT BLUE UMBRELLA. LEAF TOURS LOGROÑO. We recommend you to arrive 10 minutes before the beginning.
Book for free in our website. It will take you 1 minute.
Free walking tour You will decide it at the end based on your experience and satisfaction. As easy as fair 😉
Free Tour Logroño punto de encuentro


We enjoyed 30 ' of pleasant explanations and discovered secrets about the wineries we would never knew without the guided tour. At the end we tasted 2 very good quality wines. 100 % recommended.
Short but interesting visit
We enjoyed a pleasant visit in which we discovered some of the secrets of wine from La Rioja and the bodega itself. At the end of visit we tasted 2 wines that were spectacular. I'll take the semi-sweet. 100 % recommended! Great tour of the winery!
Very good wine tour!


Where does the Tour start and end?

Wine Tour Logroño starts at the entry of Franco-Española Winery and ends inside the building.

What is the duration of the tour?

The duration is approximately 1H but it can vary depending on the group or the guide. This duration is an approximation.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, it is necessary to book.

How do I find the Tour Guide ?

You will find us very easily thanks to our Light Blue Umbrellas.

Do I have to arrive in advance?

We recommend you to arrive to the meeting point 10-15 minutes before the beginning of the Tour. If you do it we will be able to manage the groups in advance and so start on time.

What if it rains?

Fortunately it won’t rain inside the winery. 🙂